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Speed and explosiveness are essential to success on the playing field. Big Play Football Training specializes in teaching the finer points of speed, quickness and agility utilizing the Nike SPARQ training system. From linear speed training conducted on mini-hurdles or the speed ladder to multi-directional movements executed on agility webs and cones, Big Play Football Training will teach your young athlete how to move like a pro on the field. 



As a rare two-way player in the NFL, Brooks is uniquely qualified to teach young football players the fundamentals of the game on both sides of the ball. He has played wide receiver and defensive back at the highest level of football, while gaining valuable insight from a number of esteemed coaches along the way. Those experiences have not only shaped his philosophy on skill development, but they have helped him put together a comprehensive curriculum that fosters rapid improvement in young players. 



Big Play Football Training has plenty of experience conducting clinics and camps for youth organizations around the country.
Brooks has co-planned and conducted football clinics at three Super Bowls, as well as a number of camps and clinics for USA Football. Additionally, Brooks has worked closely with Nike Football to put on youth football training camps and combines across the country. If you're looking to put together a camp or clinic for your youth organization, Big Play Football Training is the perfect partner to help you put on a stellar event. 



Bucky Brooks enjoyed a 12-year career in the National Football League as a player and scout. During his illustrious career, Brooks learned the nuances of the game from number of distinguished coaches, including Marv Levy, Mike Holmgren, Tom Coughlin, Marty Schottenheimer and Jon Gruden. Those experiences greatly enhanced Brooks' football knowledge, while also impacting his detailed coaching style. 


As a two-sport standout at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Brooks learned the finer points of football from Mack Brown, while gaining insight on speed development and explosive power from Dennis Craddock and Curtis Frye,  and Jeff "Maddog" Madden. 


With Brooks considered one of the premier trainers in the country, Nike Football appointed him as one of the lead coaches on the Nike SPARQ Combines and Nike Football Training Camp Tour. In his role, Brooks travels across the country to train elite high school football players using the Nike SPARQ methodlogy. 


Given Brooks' wealth of experience and expertise, Big Play Football Training uses advanced training techniques to help young athletes maximize their potential. 






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